If you are aged 24 or over, you are eligible for the Direct Access Scheme (DAS), upon completion of a practical test you’re awarded a Category A licence, allowing you to ride a motorcycle of any size.

CSN offers Direct Access courses where training can take place over multiple consecutive days, or over several weekends; whichever best fits your needs.

DAS students practising roundabouts with an instructor

Gaining a full motorcycle licence can take between 2 and 6 days, depending on your previous motorcycle and other experience. Our 3 day course suits those with existing road licences and/or riding experience where as a student with no previous motorcycle or road experience may take up to 6 days of training from start to finish.

The first day of training always involves completing a CBT on a 125cc (for those who are not already certified) which is included in all prices. Those who require more than the minimum of 3 days will complete additional post-CBT training before moving onto the DAS course. with these final days taking place primarily out on the road on one of our Kawasaki Z650s.

Contact us now to book a Free Assessment where one of our instructors can advise you on which course is best for you.

All motorcycle tests are split into two parts, know as the Module 1 and Module 2 tests. The Module 1 test involves demonstrating basic riding capability to a DSA examiner on a closed circuit and generally takes 20 minutes.

The Module 2 test involves at least 30minutes of on-road testing with a DSA examiner where you must demonstrate all of techniques needed to be a safe, legal and capable rider.